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Production Timeline

Please complete our form below and upload your artwork. 

Your order will take approximately 2-3 business days to produce after artwork approval.

Tips for Successful Artwork.

All artwork is at least 72 DPI when placed on a full scale template.

The DPI of your images when placed on our templates should be a minimum of 72 DPI and a maximum of 150 DPI. Some of our templates have been created at half scale so that they are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrators maximum canvas size. For templates that are designed at half scale you need to double the DPI to a minimum of 200 DPI. A good way to double check the DPI of your embedded images is to zoom in to your artwork at 100% . Support at (262) 672-6383.

1. Artwork must be setup on the graphic template found on the downloads tab on each product page.

2. We only accept high resolution PDF files! If you don’t have available, please request Graphic Design Services.

3. Review our artwork guidelines to prepare your files for the artwork health check.

If you need help, call Design Support at (262) 672-6383.

Upload Your Art Work

We’ll do a standard file check and notify you only if we find technical problems with your file; otherwise, your artwork will directly go to print as soon as possible.

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