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Warranty Policies

Scaurus Displays product holds its own unique warranty period. Refer to the Warranty icons located near each product for the product’s Warranty Period.

Limited Warranty

Scaurus Displays. LLC guarantees their product under a series of warranties for manufacturing defects. Under the warranty policies, product believed to be a manufacturing defect will be repaired and/or replaced upon inspection of the issue. The customer is responsible for shipping the product to Scaurus Displays for inspection. At the discretion of Scaurus Displays, if the issue is deemed a manufacturing defect, the product will be repaired and/or replaced and returned to the customer at no cost standard ground shipping during the first year of the warranty period. For products with a warranty period over 1 year, the customer is responsible for the inbound shipping costs as well as the outbound shipping costs after the first year. Free replacement products cannot be sent until an assessment of the supposed defective product is made. At the discretion of Scaurus, if the received product is deemed not to be a manufacturing defect, the customer will be notified and the product may be repaired and/or replaced at the customer’s cost. Shipping charges will be the customer’s responsibility for any items needing expedited shipping. Issues that are not covered under the warranties include but are not limited to:

– Standard wear and tear usage
– Mistreatment of product
– Unauthorized alteration
– Natural disasters
– Failure to follow product instruction sheets and labeling
– Incorrect use
– Theft
– Loss
– Vandalism
– Destruction
– Damages occurred while in transit

All Scaurus Displays graphics produced for an indoor application hold a graphic warranty of one year.  All Scaurus Displays graphics produced for an outdoor application hold a graphic limited warranty of six months.

Denotes a Graphic Limited Warranty of 6 months (outdoor & indoor table throw products)

Denotes a Graphic Limited Warranty of 1 year (indoor products)

Denotes a Hardware Limited Warranty of 90 days which does not include packaging.

Denotes a Hardware Limited Warranty of 1 year which does not include packaging.

Denotes a Hardware Limited Warranty of 5 years  which does not include packaging.

Denotes a Hardware Limited Lifetime Warranty which does not include packaging.

Terms and Conditions

Upon the acceptance of delivery, you agree that the package(s) have arrived without any visible shipping damage. If shipping damage is noted, sign for the delivery as damaged and contact Scaurus Displays immediately. Failure to sign for the package(s) as damaged, refusal of the package, or neglecting to note after 3 business days any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process will be treated as a warranty claim and are subject to the terms and conditions of our warranty. The option to issue a return label/call tag is at the discretion of Scaurus Displays for any warranty or claim situation and any product outside of 72 hours will not have the option for a return label/call tag.

Any errors occurred during the shipping/freight process that shipped under the Scaurus  prepaid freight service will be guaranteed and covered should the shipper lose, damage or delay a product outside their guaranteed delivery time. Scaurus will process the claim information and replace the affected product. For orders shipped using a customer’s shipper number or a third party shipper number, the customer will be responsible for replacing the affected product at cost and following through with the claim through the shipping/freight company. Scaurus will begin the claim process and provide the customer with the claim information. Any further claim correspondence will be between the customer and the shipping/freight company.

Scaurus reserves the right to request documentation in the forms of photos, copies of packing slips and the like to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. “Standard questions” may also be asked in order to provide accurate and timely customer service. Failure to provide the necessary information requested by an Scaurus Representative may delay the claim process. An RMA/Case number may be issued depending on the warranty/claim. This number must be used in regards to all correspondence with the issue and adhered to any packaging sent to Scaurus for assessment. Failure to adhere RMA/Case information to a package will delay the claim/ warranty process.

Should you need to return a product due to order cancellation or any reason other than a warranty matter, Scaurus reserves the right to carry out a full inspection of the product before accepting the return. All returns of this nature must be noted to an Scaurus Displays Representative 72 hours after receipt of the product and are susceptible to a 25% restocking fee/charge. Scaurus will not accept the return of a used or custom made product or graphic. Product should be returned in the manner in which it was received.

Order cancellations must be confirmed and approved by an Scaurus Representative. The cancellation of a production order for which Scaurus has produced or ordered raw materials may result in Scaurus fully charging for materials and labor, or imposing a minimum cancellation fee of up to 50% of the purchase/sale price. Scaurus reserves the right to change prices or product designs as well as discontinue a product at any time without further notice. If a product is noted as defective that is a discontinued product; an exchange to an equivalent product will be offered or an upgrade to a premium product (at the discretion of Scaurus) will be available with the customer responsible for the difference in cost.

Scaurus Displays Customer Service • 262.672.6383 • 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST

Scaurus Displays, LLC guarantees the quality and functionality of its products when used in the correct manner as illustrated on each product’s instruction sheet.

Failure to comply with Warranty Terms and Conditions may result in additional charges and fees, determined at the discretion of Scaurus Displays, LLC. In cases of warranty disputes, Scaurus Displays, LLC reserves the right of the final judgment and/or decision on the nature and cause of damage and the fair and applicable warranty response and/or solution.

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